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Welcome to the Paradox Sonic Space Research Agency

Satellite Projects

Satellite Projects mainly focusing on new technologies for the betterment of space sector globally.

Theoretical Researches

Theoretical Researches in the field of cosmology and Einstein led Relativity to break the astronomy hoaxes.

SpaceEDU Projects

Space Education Projects to help the underprivileged sector students get knowledge about astronomy.

Cube Satellite

We are currently working on our first ever satellite project – NikolaSat, a cube-satellite dedicated to Nikola Tesla for his breathtaking inventions including the AC Motor and Wireless Technologies. The satellite includes new fuel and electric propulsion technology. It would be a test satellite in order to check whether the new technology works or not.

Int'l SpaceEdu Hub

International Space Education Hub – ISEH is going to be the first such initiative internationally, where students would be given the exposure of International Space Education, Technology and Research of 10+ Countries at a single faculty and their own convenience itself. The lecturers would be from India, Switzerland, Australia, Israel, USA etc.

It's all about Passion!

Paradox Sonic Space Research Agency (PSSR) was earlier known as the Passionate Students Space Research Agency. We are driven by an enthusiastic group of young aviation, cosmology and astronomy aspirants and mentored by a team of professional and experienced scientists. We are now becoming an inspiration for the passionate youth, who wishes to excel in Space Science and Technology.

International Astronomy & Astrophysics Competition

The International Astronomy and Astrophysics Competition is an international science competition that enables students from all countries to prove their skills and to unleash their creativity in the fields of astronomy and astrophysics. IAAC gives you the unique opportunity to apply your skills to challenging problems. Participants can receive certificates, awards, cash prizes, and global recognition.

Paradox Sonic Space Research Agency is the official partner of 2021 Edition of this competition.


I am completely astonished by the work PSSR has been doing the field of Science and Technology. I hope that it will grow and achieve the pinnacles of success very soon.

H.H Nadia Harihiri
Queen Aya of Africa & Hawaii

The vision of PSSR in the field of space education would soon become an inspiration for a lot of students out-there, I believe that they will continue doing the good work.

Mr. Boris OTTER
President, Swiss Space Tourism

It was a lovely moment of first interaction with the zealous team of PSSR. Their desire to work for space science was commendable. Their ideas were truly inspirational.

Mr. Igor Rozenberg
CEO, SpaceHansa Australia

Together we can, bring a change in the space sector globally!

Are you a non-governmental or private research firm or a startup dealing with research or space science? Do you want space to be for everyone? Do you want to bring a change?

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