About Us

Our Brief

Paradox Sonic Space Research Agency is an international non-governmental space research organization headquartered in India and representation offices located in Hawaii, Nigeria and Geneva. It was founded on August 26th, 2020 with an aim to indulge youth in space technology and legalize the space privatization & education globally. PSSR is a MSME Registered R&D Startup in India, holds ESA-EMTIS Corporate Status with the European Space Agency and is accredited as the 9001:2015 Company under ISO Int’l Standards.

Our Story

Paradox Sonic Space Research Agency was initiated by a group of cosmology, aviation and aerospace aspirants led by Onkar Singh with an aim to achieve the heights of excellence in research and development in aerospace & space technology. Paradox Sonic Space Research Agency is a leading scientific firm for the Young researchers & scholars “to promote the innovations in Science and Technology” by displaying their knowledge in the vicinity of science and technology for the service of mankind and the advancement of general welfare.

Our Mission

Space Privatization: We believe that space resources are not just for government or billionaires and thus everyone should have equal opportunity and access to work in space technology and with its resources.

Space Education: We firmly believe in the saying that – “Education is a weapon that can change the world” and thus every student should have access to quality space education irrespective of background, caste, sex etc.

Space Missions with SDGs : We believe that as of now various space missions are continuously degrading environment and creating a serious threat to the environment. Only blaming Space Missions for Environmental Degradation is not right, but it is also a factor. Therefore, the space missions should be under SDGs of United Nations.


We are associated with various private and governmental space agencies around the world.

Deeply Commited

We are deeply committed and united in our tasks and do our best to achieve success.

Highly Skilled

We are a team of highly skilled professionals from all around the world, especially India.